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Lindsay Pattan & Dan Guenther on Collateral Damage with D.J. Wilson on KDHX

"Collateral Damage is a news and chat show produced by KDHX Community Media in St. Louis, MO dealing with local and state politics, how national issues affect the region and what role the media plays in determining how reality is perceived in Metro Saint Louis. Veteran journalist D.J. Wilson is your host and guests include members of the mainstream media as well as bloggers, politicians and activists."  LISTEN HERE.

"Local Trumps All" by Ryan Albritton on Medium

"I have known Lindsay to be a compassionate and strong person, who has always championed her city. I believe she is an important part of growing new leadership in St. Louis and we will do well to have her on the Board of Alderman. If you live in the 19th ward, Lindsay is your candidate!"  READ HERE.